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Accurate And Affordable Legal Documents Translation

Are your legal contracts, texts, and documents translated with the utmost care, professionalism, and expediency? Legal translation is critical for businesses, and numerous organizations need legal documents translating.

Yet, it is a very tricky task because even a minor mistake in the translation of content can result in potential lawsuits and legal exposure, which is a total wastage of time and money. Also, it puts the reputation of the company at risk. Al Syed Legal Translation is the leading provider of legal translation in JLT and has extensive knowledge in the legal industry.

We provide certified and authentic translation services that are accredited by the Ministry of justice UAE and from all official structures such as embassies and courts. Similarly, we keep up with the higher standards of the modern world and set our trends in accuracy and innovation within the translation industry.

What is the purpose of legal translation?

Legal translation is used within the legal system, and it is the fact that the legal concepts and languages differ from one country to another. However, the purpose of legal translation is to create the content that will be interpreted exactly in the same way in the target legal system by professionals, just like in the original legal system.

The objective of translation is not to remove linguistic and cultural differences but to accommodate them. The challenge is to convey the translation of the legal text into the legal system according to the required language.

Therefore, we completely understand the objective of legal translation and provide our clients with error-free and high-quality translation on time regardless of the size and complexity of the documents. Our aim is the satisfaction of our clients.

The importance of legal language

All the legal processes revolve around the words, whether written or spoken. However, to convey your point clearly and in detail, it is crucial to ensure that you have no confusion over the terms of the contract, court case, or any of the legal translation in JLT near me are want to be translated. Since each document is packed up with so many legal terminologies, you should know that if it is translated according to the original text.

Hence, the professional translator you choose must have the proper knowledge of all the legal terminologies as well as can understand the language of the law. Finding a linguist with a solid grasp of legal language and terminology is essential.

Our team of professionals is experienced, expert, and has vast knowledge about the legal language and we can deliver an accurate translation of any type of documentation. We provide you with the best legal translators who know exactly how to put across the key concept, arguments and the whole content in another language.

How legal translation JVC works?

In all translation, maintaining impeccably high quality and the standards is the mandatory requirement. However, when it comes to legal translation, superior quality is needed. So, our expert translators have a proper understanding of the legal system of the original text, and also have the knowledge about the jurisdiction legal system in which your content is translated.

We work to ensure that the meaning and the purpose of the document or contract is maintained when it is translated from one language into another. In addition to that, we encourage our team of professionals to work efficiently by taking enough time that is needed to achieve the highest level of accuracy because the quality is our first priority. So, we work very hard to maintain all the essential factors in order to meet the requirements of our clients.

Services we offered to our valuable customers

We know how to stand out from the crowd as we provide fast, accurate, and professional translation services to our clients. The services we provide for the legal translation of documents are as follows:

Translation of legal terminologies

Our extensive legal terminologies involve:

  • Commercial law
  • Corporate law
  • Tax law
  • Insurance law
  • Criminal law
  • Contract law
  • Maritime law

Translation of all kinds of legal documents include:

  • Arbitration
  • Litigation
  • Registration Documents
  • Licenses
  • Legal ruling
  • Affidavits
  • Laws and regulations
  • Contracts
  • Legal statements and certificates
  • Depositions
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Confidentiality agreements

Translation of certificates:

  • Passports
  • Death certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Insurance policies
  • Partnership deeds
  • Sales contracts
  • Summons

Translation of business documents:

  • Profiles
  • Correspondence
  • Offers
  • Bids
  • Memorandums

An expert legal translation platform

In this modern world where technology is overtaking every domain, we use technology to ensure a speedy and efficient service without compromising on quality. Moreover, our legal translation platform offers you the ability to manage your project even when you are in progress with real-time communication with the translators. We update you with notifications sent directly to you.

Security is a key factor; so, the security of our platform is essential to us. All of your data and legal documents are stored securely by our trusted translators and only with your consent. Therefore, we are confident that our legal translation JVC services are the best for the translation of your legal documents.

Why do you need a dedicated legal translation platform?

Professional translation services are the services that you should consider when it comes to the translation of legal terminologies, and you need a translator who knows the industry inside and out. The impact of an inadequate translation can lead to serious consequences and may damage your reputation. So, our dedicated platform is uniquely placed to offer you many premium services. 

Our every translator is not only native in the language you need in order to translate your documents, but are also very proficient at writing and working in legal contexts with a deep understanding of the law.

So, if you are worried and you need to translate your legal documents on time, legal translation JVC saves your time, effort and headache. We provide accuracy, responsiveness, and management of large volume projects within the deadline. Just call our legal translator now and get your documents translated.