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Questions to ask from fire Inspection Company

Questions to ask from fire Inspection Company

Fire safety is an important inspection for your workplace and factory. Therefore, you should not miss such a crucial procedure to safeguard your and your employee’s safety. The fire inspection company you hire helps you put safety protection procedures, insect your property for potential threat, and check the fire safety equipment. 

The fire safety alarms and extinguisher needs to be maintained periodically. The fire Inspection services maintain the equipment. Moreover, if the equipment is out of shape, they can order and place new equipment.  Remember, the extinguisher and fire safety alarm is the first lines of defense during a fire crisis. 

Since fire inspection services have an important role, you cannot just go on to hire any company that knocks on your door first. In fact, you must research well about the inspection services, and make sure to ask the following questions when hiring a fire inspection company

What Services do the Inspection Company Provides?

What Services do the Inspection Company Provides? - FireLab

The services offered by the inspection company influence the quality of fire protection of your office and factory. Besides, some inspection companies have services that are perfect for the restaurant and others for the factory. Therefore, you must see what kind of services you require and do the inspection services you are hiring that can provide you those services. 

Ask them about their experience

Since different workplaces have a requirement for fire protection, the company you hire must be experienced in handling fire protection inspections for your workplace. Besides, the experience of the company plays a crucial role, as the more the experience better the company in handling challenges that are specific in your case. Moreover, the fire safety codes and regulation changes with time, the experienced company knows about all these changes and can provide better service. 

Who are their previous clients?

Fire Inspection Company - FireLab

If you are running a hotel, then it is important, you ask the inspection service about their previous clients to see if they can handle fire protection at your restaurant. Since you might have found about the company through references, it is best you ask them about their list of customers whom you can call to ask about their experience with the company. 

You can even include the following question when asking them about their previous client to get more insights about the company

  • Are there the best clients? 
  • The biggest project they have worked on
  • Who are their longest clients?

The good companies do not shy to tell you about such important information. Therefore, do not afraid to ask the following questions from the company. In case the company is not clear and avoid showing you proof of the work or their history with a previous client, you can avoid hiring such a fire inspection company. 

How are they going to charge for their services?

At last, you need to ask the important question that is how the company is going to charge for inspections. The price of inspection can vary based on different factors, such as the size of your office, the industrials sector, and the type of best service you require.