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Collaborative Family Law and Divorce

How a Collaborative Family Law and Divorce Agreement Can Help

What are the benefits of Collaborative Family Law if in the process of Divorce?

The process of the process of separating or divorce is stressful! It’s an era of uncertainty and stress for people as well as families, children and parents.

In the past, couples who were separated would go to their lawyers and start an unending best divorce lawyer sydney filled with argument, aggressive tactics and then end being in court for years waiting for their cases to be solved.

There’s a better and healthier method to divorce!

This is called coflaborative Family law.

What is Collaborative Family Law?

Collaboration in Family Law is a holistic way of approaching divorce that encompasses child support, parenting and property settlement concerns. It’s an alternative method of alternative dispute resolution that assures families and individuals remain out of court.

What is Collaborative Family Law function?

Collaboration Family Law requires that you as well as your partner or ex-spouse each have their own certified attorney for family collaboration. The lawyers you and your lawyer pick a facilitator or coach who oversees and directs the meetings that are collaborative.

What is the advantages from Collaborative Family Law?

Family Law and Divorce
  • You and your ex-partner decided the agenda for the meeting.
  • You and your ex-partner will learn to be respectful in your communication
  • You and your spouse are both legally represented
  • Both of you agree on the way the professionals get paid.
  • You can discuss non-legal issues
  • There aren’t any threats of being in the court.
  • These agreements have legal obligatory

What are the issues that arise with Collaborative family law?

  • If there is mental illness or domestic violence this may not be the most appropriate option to settle your divorce.
  • Nobody ‘forces’ other person to fulfill their obligations to produce complete financial records
  • No decision-maker
  • In the event that the family law collaborative procedure breaks up, new lawyers need to be appointed.

Lawyers who practice in this field, they are mandatory courses in collaborative family lawyer sydney. they are able to move away from the traditional win-lose approach to one that is ‘win win and is based on the interests of the client.

Collaborative family Law is practiced by Cominos Family Lawyers. As Sydney’s only and first Healthy Divorce practice we believe that families are not suited to be to the Court (and only as an option last resort) therefore it is sensible to employ this Collaborative Family law procedure to settle divorce issues.

For more information on collaborative family law speak to Pamela Cominos at pamela@cominoslawyers.com.au.