Download Xpadder latest version for Windows 7/8/10

Today I will discuss a software which can help you to play the game on your computer with poor mouse or joysticks. The name of the software is Xpadder. If you are a gamer and spend the maximum time to play various games on your PC, then you should know about different gaming consoles and its supportive software.


Not only downloaded games, but Xpadder can control internet games also. You can use joystick functionality in your DOS machine. It supports multiple windows applications including web browsers etc. One of the best features of this excellent software is you can use it as music or video player for a computer powered by Windows 10/7/8.

Xpadder is one of the supportive software which can control your mouse or joysticks while you are playing a game. With this, you can control the keyboard combinations different games. Here I will discuss Download Xpadder for Windows 10/7/8. You can get this software for your Windows machine free. Also you can learn How to install Tinder on Windows PC.

How Xpadder helps you?

  1. Xpadder gives you the facility to choose a different key combination to play a game. So you can control your favorite game with your favorite keys. Sometimes we don’t know the exact key combination to play a game, and you may not understand how to play a game. This software will help you to add your own key combination and start a game.
  2. Some games cannot support gamepad, so you are unable to play those games. But now with the help you Xpadder you can play those games also. The user interface of Xpadder is simple, and you can find a different kind of keys in the menu. If you want to select a key for controlling a game, you need to do click on the right side of that key.
  3. Xpadder is an excellent gaming controller. It is compatible with more than 120 games.

Before starting download this stunning gaming supportive software, you need to know the features of Xpadder.

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Features of Xpadder for Windows

  • You can imitate mouse and keyboard to control a game.
  • You can play a game without gamepad
  • You can easily change the button to control a game


  • You can get the facility to customize the entire menu according to your use.
  • You can get some advanced options in the software so that you can control any game with any hassle.
  • It can support 16 controllers at a time.
  • Some important keys including dance mats. Steering wheels, drum kits, etc. are available in the gaming control.

These are the features you can get the software to play your favorite games from your computer even your mouse is not advanced.

Download Xpadder for Windows 10/7/8

  1. Still, you want to get this software on your Windows system. Then Click download button below.Download Xpadder
  2. After downloading this software, you can get the installation files
  3. You need to install Xpadder manually on your system. The installation process is as easy as you follow for installing other software. You need to fulfill all the requirements to get this software on your computer. Don’t hurry while you are downloading Xpadder.
  4. After 3 to 5mins, you can get this stunning gaming software on your computer.

Final Words

You can find many gaming software on Web and Xpadder is one of the best software in this series. Its user-friendly controlling features can help you to control any kind of games. You may not play some games with your poor gaming consoles. Don’t be sorry for this. Xpadder can help you to play those games also. So enjoy your favorite games with Xpadder.

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