How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes

We can consider Music as a medicine, even sometimes it works like oil. Many people complete their works quickly with music. With the blessing of Smartphone, people listen to music while walking, travelling and working. No one says that he/she stops collecting songs. Music lovers never miss the chance to add songs, favorite video and audio files in their collection and Smartphone make easy the job for taking and sharing media files.


iPhone allows the transfer of music from other iPhone only if it is purchased from iTunes and it is a drawback of iPhone technology and users always looking for some other paths to get music from other users without iTunes. It can be a real trouble for those who love music and cannot get hold of it. But we all know every problem has a solution. Many developers have built Apps and computer software which are designed to transfer music from iPhone. We have discussed in the article some amazing software as well as apps to transfer media files from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes.

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Best Apps to Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes

#1. Airdrop

Airdrop is one of the most powerful features of iPhone, allowing you to transfer anything between two Apple devices. It works similar to a Bluetooth but faster and better. This feature functions when two iPhones are in the vicinity and connected through the airdrop option.
You can pick the songs you wish to share with the other device and click on the share through airdrop option. It will show you the names of all the nearby devices with connected Airdrop, and you can select the one you wish to share with. The recipient will receive a request for receiving the files, and that’s it.

#2. Dropbox

Dropbox is an app and software program. After installing the software on the computer, you can make your personal account and put in all the songs into the account. You can download the app to your or other’s iPhone and log in with your account to get access to all the songs that you uploaded.
The program gives you a large space of 2 GB, and you extend it by purchasing more. The music may take a few minutes to upload depending on your network connection and file size.

#3. SharePod

This is a computer program that lets you transfer music from iPhone to iPhone and always from PC to the connected devices. It functions similar to some of the software mentioned above. Once the devices are connected, you can choose the files for transporting and select the device to be exported in. The transfer will take place smoothly.


#4. AnyTrans

AnyTrans is computer software that lets you transfer music from iPhone to iPhone without any glitch. You can install the free software on your Mac or computer. Then connect the two devices you wish to do the transferring between. Once the devices are plugged into the software, click on the “Manage” button and choose all the songs you wish to share. On clicking the ‘share to’ button, select the other device, and it will smoothly carry out the transition in a few minutes.


#5. iOS Transfer

Another software for transporting music files is iOS transfer. Launch the software to your computer and connect the two devices trough USB cables. You have to choose the song files from the media option of one iPhone and then click on the export to option. Select the second device (iPhone) for transporting media files and the transfer will be done automatically and quickly. This software lets you send not only music or video files but also supports to transfer the file formats.

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Final Words

iPhone carries a lot of advantages which can help users to complete any difficult job easily. But when an iPhone user wants to share a media file with the other user of iPhone, iTunes is the only option.

We don’t say that iTunes is not working properly, but sometimes sharing files through iTunes is a time taking-job even you can’t take any paid file from iTunes free. But after inventing some awesome apps and software, iPhone users can easily access others’ music collection and share them. Even users can easily collect paid media files without spending money.

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