Snapchat Unlock: How to get your Snapchat locked account Unlocked

Snapchat Unlock: Are you a Snapchat user? If yes, then you may face a problem that your Snapchat account gets locked. This is the common problem among the Snapchat users, but no problem comes without a solution so you can solve this issue also and get Snapchat Unlocked.

You can find many reasons to get locked a Snapchat account, so no particular reason is accused of this. Suppose you create an account and after sometimes when you try to log in it, it may get it locked. Sometimes people receive an email that their Snapchat account has been locked. Your account may be locked due to some technical reasons, or if you send spam or unsolicited messages to Snapchat users, then your account will be locked out.


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Methods to get your Snapchat Account Unlock

Here we will point out some steps to unlock the Snapchat account to use it again.

Method 1: To use method for unlocking a Snapchat account if you Sign up and revisit Your Account and get it locked

After creating an account on Snapchat, when you revisit your account you may find it locked and the website is asking you to visit page. Go to this page, and you will be instructed to sign into support. After entering the support system, you need to add all details which are asked to put.  Snapchat will unlock your account after few moments and send you a new password to your registered email id. Do login with the new password and add a new password for security purpose.

Method 2:  it can be used if your Snapchat account doesn’t work

If you find that your Snapchat Online account doesn’t work, you shoot an email to the website and need to wait for their reply. If you do not get any answer from them or receive a mail that they don’t have time to take care any personal issue, then you can take help of other Social media to resolve this problem. You may update on Twitter or Facebook and use #Snapchat or @Snapchat. When the company finds this update on a public platform, then they surely take steps to solve your problem.

Method 3: This process works when your Snapchat account is locked use to use any tweak or third party application

Your Snapchat account gets locked if you use third party application or tweak which are not officially found from any Apps Store. Usually, iPhone or Android device’s users face this issue. Android and iPhone users use many tweaks and apps which can enhance your Snapchat experience, but the application does not support it. So if you use any third party tweaks like 9snap, Phantom, etc. then your account can be locked. But yes, you can come out from this problem.

You need to know, that Snapchat is not officially released for Blackberry or Windows Platform. If you are using one of this device and want to run Snapchat, then need to take help of third party apps. But using 3rd Party apps doesn’t give access you to Features like Snapchat Streaks, Snapchat Scores, etc. To keep secured your account you need to change the password of it.

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How to Unlock Snapchat Account on iPhone

Most common way to get back your Snapchat account which is locked by using a tweak is to disable the tweak, and you can re-enter your Snapchat account.

  1. To delete any Snapchat tweak like phantom from iPhone, follow the below navigation
    Tap on Cydia from your iPhone -> Find “Install” at the bottom. Hit it -> Hit on Phantom Cydia tweak -> Strike on “Modify” -> Hit “Remove” from the next pop-up.
  2. After removing tweak, visit and sign in. Follow the instruction to unlock your account.
  3. Get back to profile once your account is unlocked. Do all necessary changes to keep your account secure.


Process to Get back Your Locked Snapchat Account:

  1. Recently Snapchat is releasing frequent updates, and due to this reasons sometimes Snapchat Accounts are temporarily locked. In this case, you wait for some days. Still, your account remains locked; then you can send a message to Snapchat to unlock it. Hope can access again you Snapchat profile.
  2. You should start using Snapchat account after verifying it. If you add many people in your Snapchat network without verifying your profile, then there is a chance to get locked your profile. You may visit Unlock page of this application and follow necessary steps to unlock the account.

Final Words

Here we have discussed all the possible ways to get a Snapchat account locked and also pointed out the solutions to get rid of this pain. If you find this content useful, then share it in your network to help the persons who are facing this locking problem.

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