Snapchat Ghost Meaning: What does different Snapchat Faces mean?

Snapchat Faces: In this era, we find Social Media is an excellent way to communicate with other people because it is a hassle free way that demands an internet connection and a device. You can see plenty of applications are on the web, and those applications are used for chatting, messaging, etc. but when we see the Snapchat, it packs some different features which are found on other social messenger applications. Today we will discuss an unusual feature of Snapchat that is Snapchat Ghost. In this article, you will get know the about different Snapchat Ghost meanings and the differences between those ghosts.Snapchat-Ghost-meaning

The Snapchat Ghosts basically are white icons which will appear on the recipient’s mobile after a certain period of time set by senders. Snapchat allows you to snap self-destructive media file as a photo or video, and you can also send Snapchat Streaks or  your drawing to your friends and relatives but after sometimes when the messages are disappeared automatically, and recipients will see ghost sign in the place of the original message.

From last year total 21 White Snapchat Ghosts are identified. Every ghost sign conveys different expressions. You can get the facility to add people from the phonebook of your mobile on your Snapchat Online account and start a conversation. Apart from this method, you can add individuals on Snapchat by username, snapchat code or profile link.

What does this Snapchat Faces implies?

Though the company does not define the meanings of these ghosts, they are treated as emojis in the form of stickers which are found in different places including add a friend, near friends or add me, etc.  But the ghost that ghost are frequently changed so you cannot choose them manually to express your emotions. The ghosts are auto generated icons, and when an unknown person adds you on his/her Snapchat network, you will see the funny white ghost face of that person in your friend list on Snapchat. This application frequently updates its features, and they have added some new elements to it including Ghost. Let’s see how to find the white ghost and what they add besides your friends’ name.

How do you find white Ghosts on Snapchat?

Open Snapchat and hit the ghost icon which will be found at the top of the screen. Hit “Add Me” options. In the next screen, you will see ghost icons beside your friend’s.

The developers of snapchat application always try to add something interesting with it like Snapchat trophies, scores, emojis. After adding ghost feature, the developers make this app more attractive to the users. But the usage of this new feature is not clearly explained by the company, so the Snapchatters are a little bit confused about it. We have done in-depth research on this new element and tried to explain the possible meanings of these ghosts.

What does all Snapchat Ghosts Mean:

So below you’ll find all the Snapchat White Ghosts with their Proper meaning:

Level Snapchat Trophy Trophy name How to achieve




Ghost with Heart-Shaped Eyes and Smiling Face  If you find this Ghost, that means the sender loves you or like to receive the snap from you. The sender could be your BF or GF.





Ghost who hold Blue Bubblegum


This ghost explains that the sender may be bored with you for different reasons like you may send many snaps to the person.






V-Signed Ghost with a Star


the sender finds you as an optimistic person if he/she sees this ghost against your message.






Ghost with Black Colour


This ghost holds various meanings. If the sender covered anything with a camera, then you can see this ghost. If the sender deletes his/her snapchat account or no longer use the account, then you can see this ghost again this sender.






Snapchat Ghost with tears


Sometimes we write “LOL” on the messenger to say that we are laughing too much for a reason. Snapchat Ghost with tears convey the message that the sender laughed too much and cried with joy.






White Ghost Rock On


This ghost does not show you the middle finger, and this is the symbol of Rock on






Surprised Ghost


This ghost holds the message that your snap surprised the sender.






Snapchat Content Ghost


That means the sender is satisfied with your snaps.






Ghost with Glasses


If you add a person on your Snapchat network and waiting for adding you to his/her network, then you see this ghost.






Snapchat Crying face Ghost


This ghost holds the meaning that your snap makes disappointed the sender or you may ignore the person to see his/her message.






Angry Face Ghost


If you see angry face ghost on your Snapchat window that means the sender was angry after seeing your snap. It will appear with inward eyebrows and frowning mouth. You should be very careful while you are sending a snap to others.






Snapchat IDK Ghost


it means your friend is confused or unsure about your snap.






Shocked Ghost


If you block any person then you can see this ghost beside the person’s name.






Snapchat Joyful Ghost


If you find this ghost that means the person loves to be your friend or the person to whom you send lots of snap and he/she loved to get them.






Snapchat Cool Ghost


it added a cooling expression on snapping time.






Ghost with Scared Face


it conveys the message that due to any reason the sender was frightened.






Snapchat Giggling Ghost


If you find this ghost, that means the sender was laughing gently.

Final Words:

Like other chatting applications, Snapchat of Ghost also provides flawless messaging activities still you can not consider it as a simple chatting application. You can do many interesting activities apart from messaging. Snapchat packs many amazing features including trophies, scores, ghosts, etc. which have made this app fanatics.

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