How to Reset Google Chromecast device (4-easy steps)

Reset Chromecast: Just a dongle, but miraculously performs a great job like any other product in the market. Introducing, the Google Chromecast, one of the finest product ever released into the market, this is the Chromecast, and there are a lot of cool things and applications about the chromecast. So, as we said it is a very simple product but does a lot of features what Google was going to be given to the global users.

Google Chromecast is the product where you can connect it to your Television to get HDMI on your TV. So, this High Definition Mobile Interface does a very great job, and it is one of the easiest ways to watch or stream online movies, television series on your screen.

With said (It is the easiest way to watch online tv), the Google Chromecast does video streaming online but, contrary to the fact, it also does a bit great job so, when you get the Chromecast you will get all the necessary (USB Cable for power, and other peripherals).

That’s all about the introduction part of Google Chromecast Device. Let me take an opportunity to take this topic to the next level. Today, I would like to share a simple procedure on how to reset Google Chromecast for both the generations. For your information, the reset process for both the generations remains the same.

The reset process can be done using your the hotkeys/button of your Google Chromecast Device or else, you can even the plug-in to your HDMI Port and make sure, your USB is connected to the Chromecast device. And Just in case if you’re anime lover do download animeflv app on your android device.

How to Factory Reset Google Chromecast – In the Easiest Way

The reset process for the Google Chromecast is very simple and can be done in minutes but, before we go ahead let’s learn the process in detail.

The very first problem with the Google Chromecast is, its need to be often reset once you have moved to another location or sometimes, if you would like to restore the factory settings, then you must have left the best option is doing Factory Data Reset on your Google Chromecast Device (For your information, before you do Factory Data Reset, make sure you if you have no problem in losing all your data).

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Different Ways to Reset and Reboot Google Chromecast

There are two different ways to reset Google Chromecast –

  1. First  is using, Chromecast Application, and
  2. the other one is using the manually process (Reset).

– Reset using Chromecast App

  • If you are an Android user (this process is same for iOS user), then Initially you need to open the Chromecast App on your device.
  • Now, you need to look for the particular Chromecast device you want to reset.
  • After that, you now need to go to Settings Gear item, which is located in the top right-hand corner.


  • Next, go to the more option, which for you may look like three dots.
  • Finally, confirm that you want to rest your Google Chromecast device.

– Reset using Physical Button (Manual Process)

In the above section, we have seen how to reset Google Chromecast using Chromecast Android App. Now, let’s see how to reset chromecast using a dongle.

  • First, connect your Google Chromecast device into the TV, and hold down the side button on the dongle.
  • Now, you will see the LED with orange light blinking and wait until it turns or shows white.
  • After that, it will now reboot the Google Chromecast Device.


Sometimes, even the best devices like Google Chromecast comes with hopeless difficulties. However, the process to reset Google Chromecast takes sometimes but, it is worth a try.

We hope, we have netted all your uncertainty about how to reset Google Chromecast using two ways with a simple tweak, and if you still need any more info please, do let us know through a comment.

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