How to Recover deleted Facebook Messages, Photos, Videos

The popularity of Social Networking sites is increasing day by day. Among them, some sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus secure their best position due to excellence performance. Almost every people who are 18+years old have created his or her online presence on Facebook. Today I will discuss an essential Facebook tricks in this article. After reading this article; you will appreciate it.recover-deleted-facebook-messagesIn order to our busy schedule, we do not connect with our friends and relatives. Facebook has solved this problem. Hope the people who are on Facebook, at least open their profile one time in a day. Through Facebook, we can talk with your friends and get their updates. In one word, Facebook is an important part of our daily life.

We can share messages, photos, thoughts and videos on Facebook. Sometimes we keep the old pictures, videos, etc. on there, and sometimes we like to delete old updates. However, suppose one of your old message or a photo or a video has been removed accidentally. What an awkward situation is that! Because you know that, you cannot get the message, photo, or video. Today I will bring you a simple trick on how to retrieve deleted messages or media on Facebook.

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Retrieve Deleted Photos, Videos and Messages From Facebook

Follow some simple steps which I will mention here to get back your old updates including text messages, videos, photos or any other profile records

  • Log in your Facebook account with your registered email id and password


  • After login your account you can find a drop-down arrow next to Privacy Shortcuts icon. You can find it in the header. Click the drop-down arrow, you can find setting option


  • At the end of “General Account Settings page,” you can find “download a copy of your Facebook data.” You need to click on it.


  • When you click, a new page will open in front of you, and you can get “Start My Archive” button there. When you hit that button, a pop-up window will come, and you need to put your password and submit.


  • A new pop-up button will open where you can get two buttons “Start my Archive” and “Cancel.” If you want to download the file, then press the “Start my Archive” button. You will get a message that Facebook will start collecting your information and will mail to your registered email id. Click “Okay.”



  • The link which will be used for downloading will be mailed to your email id which you have used while create your account on Facebook
  • Wait for few minutes. You will receive a link to your email id. You should click on that click, and you will be redirected to Facebook.
  • A new page will open, and you can get “Download Archive” button there. You will be asked your password. Type your password in the required field and submit.


  • Now you are able to download your Facebook data within a ZIP file.
  • After downloading that ZIP file, you should extract it and get your lost photos, videos and messages.

You need open and extract the ZIP file to a folder. You will get .html files which can be open to your browser. So open the .html file and look the data. It’s simple!

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I have mentioned all steps to retrieve your lost messages as well as photos and videos. Hope this guide will clear your confusion and solve your problem. A few years back I have faced the same problem. I deleted one photo from my Facebook account. Even I didn’t have a backup of that file. I was sorry for that and finding the tools, software to recover that image, but I was not aware that the trick is hidden in Facebook.

After 2/3 days I got the option. Followed the steps and recovered the photos. On that time I had seen that we could get back our lost Facebook data and it and it is a hassle-free job. Many readers and followers ask me the questions while they face the same problem. For them today I have written this article. It can be helpful to them as well as new readers also get benefit from this content.

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