[June 2017] Longest Snapchat Streak: How does Snap Streak Works

Snapstreak: If you have been using Snapchat for a while you would be knowing about the Longest Snapchat Streak record in the world. If Not? Don’t worry I will tell you in the article. Snapchat has nailed in the competition of apps and sparks the fire with the other apps. Snapchat has been a tough competitors in Social Media Apps section from year 2015 itself. Through Snapchat app people can share their image messaging which the very attractive feature is of Snapchat.

Snapchat is not only keeping people in touch but also coming up with fascinating options for people to get addicted to it. In the case of “Snapchat Streaks”, people are very crazy that they compete with others for overlapping their score. The exciting new features that Snapchat Web team are coming up is making the snap chatters to stay eyes open with it.


There is an option with the Snapchat that people get rewarded if they regularly Snap the same individuals. This made some people get in contact with each other for as many days as they can. This act of catching the people took it as a bit of fun for those who watch this. When people are talking about this app, it has been so funny, and others are yet to start using this app. The new users are keen to know what all is happening around them. Also learn to use Snapchat on PC without any issue.

What is a Snapchat Streaks?

Snapchat Streaks are nothing but representative to show how many people they have in their row of Snapping. The higher their Snap score is, the higher they get Streaks added to their account. For this, the snap chatters need an active competitor same them who are very much excited to grab a high Streak score.

These Snapchat Streaks will increase when they come in touch with the same people on a regular basis. If you skip a day, you will miss your score. The streak will end in a day, and you will be pushed back to the square one. An active participant like you will take you to the next level.

Longest Snapchat Streak Record 2017

Current Record of Highest Snapchat Streak is 783 which was last updated on 28th May 2017. The earlier record was of 760 that means current record is 23 days longer than the earlier one.

How to Increase your Streak Score

There are few Snapchat tricks and Tips to follow that help you increase your Streaks. Just reading about the higher streak scores may seem easy but getting the higher score is tough. Two dedicated people can together work on their snapping and break the records. But you know one thing; some people are snapping since the Snapchat app is live but still no streak score. One should exceed 300 scores or more to stand in the line. Let us see few tips that can make you setup for the big war.


  1. Streaks should be planned ahead. You will have to start your step when you have a guy that can participate with ease, not just for the sake of investment.
  2. Try to get more than one buddy for you to snap. This is not such a serious job to do rather entertaining and exciting thing. You will understand the fun once you start using it.
  3. Don`t wait to snap. Go on with your snapping on every single day.

What do you get by Snapping

The first thing you will see is an Emoji system & trophies in Snapchat for a new friend which will be added to your streaks and app too. Depending on your active role in the app you will be provided with more and more Emoji. Your streak score will be notified to you every time you open your contact list. There are few emoji`s that will notify yours about your streak score. The little flame emoji will indicate you the streak score with some number every time and 100 emoji will say that you reached the streak score of 100. You will be given some rewards for your role on the Snapchat list.


Are you keen to try this Snapchat? Then why late install the app on your mobile and start snapping the people. You may also get rewarded for the highest streak very soon. You need to use snapchat regularly for getting awarded.

Let us not conclude this interesting topic with some complaints. Here you have the Current Snapchat Steak holder named Ranee Landon who never missed a chat for 502 days. We should ask him the secret behind this. Start your hunt towards the streak score and Good Luck!!!

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