iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo? Here’s the Solution for iPhone 5s/6/7 Plus

Everyone who owns an iPhone some or the other day has stuck at  Apple Logo stuck and went through this it was a heartbreaking story when you were trying to restore your iPhone to your computer it shows information to waiting a few seconds. Then you realize why it is taking so long this time to reboot. It then appears Apple logo stuck on your iPhone. You must by now have tried all methods to fix it from resetting to plugging to iTunes and still nothing works. Will guide you here how to fix iPhone stuck at Apple logo.


There is tons of information available out there on this issue as it’s a common one. Will first let you know about the background of this problem for better understanding in future. Then will guide you to identify the cause of the problem, after that you can choose best ways to fix it with the recommendations given below.

Background behind the Turn on of iPhone

When you are turning on your iPhone first thing in the morning it processor, need to check memory and then set up components before it can start doing any of your tasks. These startup functions happen in the background automatically before Apple logo is displayed when there is routine startup issue that’s when the apple logo is stuck with no further help to proceed.

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How to diagnose this issue?

So now that you know what happened to your phone while starting up it now time to identify the cause of the routine startup failure? There can be three main possibilities which can affect the startup routine.

  1. iOS updates, restores, and data transfers to iPhone via computer.
  2. Jailbreaking
  3. Hardware problems

Hard Reset – Quick try,

To do a hard reset – press and hold the home button {circular button below the display} and power button together hold it until you see the Apple logo disappear and reappear on the screen. Still didn’t work? We could move on to the common reasons why the Apple logo gets stuck on an iPhone most of the times.

iOS Update, Restore, and Data Transfer Problems

If your iPhone has got stuck on the apple logo after you have used iTunes to update it, restore, or transfer data to your iPhone via computer. Then you need to disable temporarily the software that caused the problem before you continue further. The problem typically occurs on PCs mostly, but data transfer issues can happen on Macs as well. Check Apple support page for resolving the issue between iTunes and other third-party security software’s.

 Re-check on your USB cable and USB port

There can be a defective USB cables and USB ports on PCs and Macs which can cause a problem with the data transfer process and corrupt your iPhone’s software. You may not be able to figure out what’s wrong with your PC; it’s easier to use another computer when you need to restore your iPhone.

DFU Restore

Default firmware update or DFU restore is the complex type of iPhone restore. DFU restore is different from other regular restore and recovery mode restore is as it completely reloads your iPhone’s firmware and not just the software.

Apple’s website doesn’t list any instructions on how to perform a DFU restore because most of the time it’s overkill.  You need to do now is connect iPhone via USB cable, then put on DFU mode then press and hold Home & Power button for 10 seconds, release the power button but still hang on to the home button; wait for iTunes pop up saying detects a device in DFU mode.  That’s it you need to do now is restore your iPhone.

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Hardware Problems

Check if there are any hardware problems- physically or has any signs of water damage there is a good chance that you have to get it repaired to fix the problem. If the above suggestions don’t work then, you need to get it fixed in your nearest Apple store, under warranty Apple will cover the damages for your iPhone.


This logo stuck on can be frustrating at times but hopefully, with the above suggestion your iPhone will be good as ever, and you won’t have to deal with this problem again. Leave your comments how it was caused and then fixed. Appreciate all your support.

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