How to use Tinder without Facebook in 2017?

Tinder is a universal free online dating application that uses Facebook as its primary resource to connect globally and facilitates communication between mutually interested users. Tinder is a location-based service that uses your GPS to collect your location information and find matches to your profile accordingly and has become one of the best dating sites around the globe. Tinder uses Facebook as its main source to get connected and create your profile, but some people may not be comfortable to link their Facebook account to third-party applications. Tinder is a dating app so people may think more than twice to link their account because they don’t want to mix their business or social life with dating life.


If you are looking to sign up to Tinder without a Facebook account, unfortunately, it is not possible to the present time. Remember, applications are always updated, and it may be possible to unlink your Tinder account from Facebook in the future. Nevertheless, some tips and tricks are discussed below which may be helpful in using Tinder not without Facebook but in an optimized and secure way.

Is Tinder possible without Facebook?

Recently, Tinder updated its version to 4.09 for iPhone users but still doesn’t have any function to unlink the Tinder account or Sign up without Facebook. It is believed that in future maybe it will be possible to do an individual sign-up to create a Tinder account.

However, there is no official way to unlink your Tinder from Facebook, but alternatively, there are some tips and tricks that can be used to minimize the privacy invasion.

Increase Facebook Privacy

The first thing you can do is to grow your Facebook privacy to keep yourself away from the stalkers and keep your Tinder as well as Facebook application safe and secure.

Steps on how to edit your privacy on Facebook are shown below.

  • Go to on your PC or laptop
  • On the next screen, you’ll see a lock icon, click on that lock icon
  • On clicking, navigate to See More Settings option
  • After clicking on More Setting, a new page will open with various privacy features.
  • You will see rest of the privacy features, from those settings, click on Apps Privacy
  • You will see an application that is linked to your account, search for Tinder among them.
  • After finding your app, hover your cursor to the application, and you will notice a small sign of a pen and a cross on the left side of the application.
  • Click on the pen icon that will open a dialog box with several privacy options, but you just have to change the App visibility to Only Me which doesn’t allow Tinder to post anything to your timeline publicly.


The steps mentioned above can help you a lot to browse your Tinder application privately and will not anyone other than you to see the posts made by the Tinder on your timeline. Also, apart from the one mentioned above should also limit the privacy of their photos to friends only. Also, if you have given visibility access to everyone, these are the items that your Tinder will see on Facebook.

  • Profile Picture
  • Age
  • Other photos
  • Friend Lists
  • Relationship information
  • Associated Pages, and all other general inquiries

So, if you do not want to get these things seen by your Tinder account and Tinder friends, you can follow the steps discussed above.

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Create a new Facebook Account

Another method to use Tinder is to make a different Facebook account with same name, profile picture, and age and connect your Tinder account to this newly built profile. Creating a Facebook account (if you don’t have any) is as simple as counting 1-2-3. To create a new Facebook account and to link Tinder account, just follow these steps

  • Go to
  • Fill in your Name, email address/phone number, Password, Date of Birth, and Gender and click on Create my account.
  • Your account will be created with your desired name and with a profile picture.
  • After creating your account, go to your Tinder Application on phone
  • Tap on settings or tool icon on your Tinder Application
  • After going to setting click on Logout Button which will move you out from your present logged in account.
  • Sign into new Facebook Account that you have just created.

Why should you unlink your Tinder profile from Facebook?

You should unlink your Facebook profile from Tinder to protect security and privacy on Facebook. People do not want to mix their social life with dating life as they are entirely different from one another. Granting access to your Tinder app does no harm, but it will eventually let other people know that how is your dating life and how you are getting through it. If Tinder profile is granted on Facebook, it may also post photos or other information’s that you have shared on Tinder with your dating mate.

This is because everyone wants privacy in their various types of lifestyles and as we know people post anything on Facebook from good to bad, from funny to worse, they just can’t let everything to be seen by their crush or date on Tinder.

Ask Tinder to change its policies

If you are not happy with the methods mentioned above, you can always try to push Tinder to change their policies and remove Facebook signup. The opinion of a customer matters a lot for a company because they don’t want to lose their users just for a small thing. There is a contact option in the setting page of the Tinder App which you can always use to reach to the customer services. You can also provide feedback and ask for changes to be made in the present application.

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