How to Fix “Mobile Network Not Available” Error on Android

Have you ever faced “Mobile Network Not Available” the error? We know every user get this error. It is a very bleak situation when you make an important call, and suddenly the call is dropped due to this error. You may call to the customer care team of your mobile network service provider. Sometimes they solve the problem but sometimes they can’t if the root of the error is on your handset.


There are some easy procedures to overcome this problem. Previously we thought that the users of Samsung Galaxy are facing this issue, but later we see every Android mobile phone user experiences of this problem.

Today we will discuss some methods to fix “Mobile Network Not Available” issue. Hope these methods bring an effective solution for you.

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1st Method

  1. It’s is a very easy way to solve not Network Available issue.
  2. Switch off your Handset
  3. Remove battery as well as SIM Card
  4. Wait for 3 to 5 mins
  5. Re-enter the SIM card and battery
  6. Switch on your phone

Congratulation! you get your mobile network again. But there is a chance to raise the same problem again within few minutes. If you again face the same error or the method mentioned above is unable to solve your problem, then you can apply the following methods.

2nd Method

You can follow the 2nd method to resolve “Mobile Network not Available” error. By following this process, your problem will be solved from your Android Smartphone

  1. Tap on the setting
  2. Hit the “More Network,” then “Mobile Network.”
  3. In the next screen, you can find Mobile Data, Data Roaming, Access Point Name, Network Mode and Network operators. Tap the “Network operators,” then “Select automatically.”

That’s it. You make that the other software of your mobile phone is working correctly.

3rd Method

Sometimes you experience “Mobile Network, not Available” error due to the poor battery condition. How can you know that? While you face this problem, then replace your old mobile battery with new one. If you are not getting the error message again, then you understand that you got the network problem due to the smash up battery.

4th Method

Sometimes you face the network problem due to Radiological signal. If the radio signal is not transmitted correctly, your mobile networking is not working efficiently. There is a process to test the radio signal. Here we have included that process also.

1. Open the Dialer of your Android Smartphone and call *#*#4636#*#*.

2. Next, you can see Testing list. Select “Phone information” from the list.

3. You can see “Run Ping Test” on the next screen. Hit that preference

4. A pop-up will be open in front of you and click on “GSM Auto (PRL)”

5. Click on “Turn Radio Off” and restart your mobile phone.

We are sure you can get rid of the network, not available issue.

5th Method

Another option to get rid of the “Mobile Network not Available” error is updating the Firmware of your mobile phone. How do you update the Firmware?

  1. Again tap on the Setting and go to about device
  2. In the “About Device” screen you can get “Software updates.” Tap on it.
  3. In the next screen, you can three different update options including “Update Now,” “Auto Update” and “Wi-Fi Only.” We recommend selecting “Auto Update” options. In case you do not select this option, then you need to update the software on regular interval for accessing a high performing mobile device. Click on “Update Now” option, if there is any update available and reboot your phone. The error has been fixed.

6th Method

While the methods mentioned above are not working, you can try the following method. You can fix this “Mobile Network Not Available” error through “Factory data reset.”

  1. Tap the Setting
  2. Click on “Backup and Reset” option
  3. Find “Factory Data reset” at the end of “Backup and Reset” screen. Click on that.

Final Words

In this article, I have discussed some possible methods to fix Cellphone Network Not Available issue. Hope one of these methods can solve your problem. Please share the article on Social Networking Sites if you find it useful.

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