[Fixed] My iPhone/iPad Won’t Charge | 6 Solution to Fix Quickly

You are making an important call, and your iPhone suddenly turns off. Ya! I know you don’t worry about this. You will plug in your Smartphone for charging, and the problem will be solved. Now you are thinking why I am telling this. We all experience this typical scenario many times. But today we will not say anything on this general matter rather I will tell you about a problem.


Many iPhone users complain that they plug-in their iPhone for charging but that won’t charge. There are several reasons behind this issue. Today we will try to give you some solutions to overcome it.

Solution to Fix iPhone wont Charging issue

1. Restart your iPhone

Due to impassive software or software crash, you can’t charge your iPhone. Sometimes this problem is resolved if you forcefully reboot the phone. We are not saying it is a full proof solution, but it works rarely. So if you are struggling to charge your smartphone, then you can try this method. Press and clutch the power button for 10 to 15 seconds, and release when you see the Apple icon on your iPhone. Again connect the cable with the phone and charge it. Hope now your problem is solved.

Still, your iPhone is not charging then apply following methods.

2. Check the Wall Outlet as well as Charging Cable

Before charging your iPhone, you should test the cable as well as a wall outlet. Sometimes we see that the charging cable is not working properly. If your cable is damaged, then you need to replace it with a new one.


Sometimes we see that you can’t charge your iPhone because the wall outlet stops working or you have forgotten to turn on the charging switch. If you wall outlet is damaged, then it’s time to chance it.

If you charge your iPhone connecting to your desktop or laptop and it is not charging, then the USB port is not working. You need to unplug your cable and use another USB port of your computer.

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3. Check the charging port

When you charge your iPhone, the cable is not directly connected with the battery rather you hook the cable through a port. You can get the port at the bottom of you iPhone. If the port is blocked, then it creates an obstacle, and your iPhone won’t charge. The port can be clogged due to different reasons including, debris or any other obstructions. If you buy your device recently, then you will not face this issue. But if you are using your iPhone for a long time, then the charging port can be blocked.

So now, you can understand that replacing the battery of you iPhone will not bring perfect solution while your iPhone won’t charge. To fix this problem, you should clean up the port, but for this, you don’t need to visit the service center. You can dirt free the port of your iPhone with toothpick or needle. You can also use an unused toothbrush for cleaning up. You can blow air in the port to make it fresh. After cleaning up the port, you can try again to charge your iPhone.

4. Repair the Hardware

If the hardware of your iPhone has been damaged, then it will not charge. There are several reasons for damaging the hardware of your phone. If your phone is kept up in water or any other liquids, then the hardware including battery can be damaged, and you cannot charge your phone.

If your phone is dropped in water or any other liquids, you need to dry it properly. If it does not work, you need to visit the service center of iPhone.

5. Upgrade the Operating System (iOS)

We have already told you that due to software crash or unresponsive software, your iPhone will not charge. But sometimes the backdated software is also a reason behind this issue. So you should update the software for your phone and need to use the new edition of iOS. You can fix all iOS 11 related issue easily.

The Operating System can be upgraded from your phone, but you should maintain 50% charge of the battery. Otherwise, you can do it from iTunes. You can update the software from iTunes as well.

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6. Backup and Restore

When all the procedures are failed, you can apply this option if your iPhone won’t charge. You can start from fresh that means you may restore your iPhone. But before doing this, you need to take backup your data, and you can take help of iTunes regarding this matter. After completing the data backup processing, you can proceed for restore your phone. That may solve your problem.

Final Words

We hope one of the above mention solutions can help you to solve the problem if your iPhone doesn’t charge. Still, you face the same problem; you need to bring you phone to the service center of Apple.

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