How much Data Does Facetime use on iPhone/iPad?

Does Facetime Use Data – The Apple Inc develops Facetime, released with its 4G Smartphone (iPhone 4) in 2010. The parent company of Facetime is Actiance Inc, and as the launch of iPhone 4 is nearby, they noticed this feature and decided to deploy it in their new Smartphone and released it on June 7th, 2010 worldwide.

At first, Facetime was developed to work only on 3G based iOS devices, later on, it took one year for Apple Inc to release 4G version of Facetime.

Facetime can only be accessible with iOS devices only, and it is not developed for other platforms users. However, third party developers cracked Android-based version of Facetime and released overall internet pages.

Facetime is s cellular data connection, if you are using it for Video Calling, then 15 Megabytes of data will be utilized from your data plan. Are you so shocked? Then, let’s get to know about

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Does Facetime Use Data?

As this is an iPhone based cellular network, people who are using are much curious to know how much data is accentually being changed using Facetime in W-Fi.

What Facetime Useful for?  Can I Make Video Calling for Free of Cost?

Facetime is a free application developed for iPhone users, using Facetime a user can make a video, audio calling unlimitedly by connecting this application to your Internet service provider (3G, 4G or Wi-Fi).


Simple Facetime Data Calling Test

Either it may be 3G or 4G or Wi-Fi, if you have quality high-speed internet then, here comes the results of Data Sent and Data Received.

Total Call Duration: 15 Minutes

  • Data Sent while Talking: 21.9 MB
  • Date Received while Talking: 22.65 MB
  • So, the whole data (Sent and Received): 44.55 MB

So, similarly many results were observed by test the Facetime Data calling with several versions of iOS devices.

Note: If you are decided to make unlimited calls to your abroad friends or family members then, Make sure you are using the High-Speed Wi-Fi connection not your cellular data plan.

Can I make a Facetime audio call to a landline?

Absolutely no, Facetime cannot be used for calling landline phones, since it is developed for only iOS devices then, so there are no such features allowed in Facetime application.

How much data does Facetime audio calling use?

For your information, the amount of data used for audio calling is very less compare to the amount of data used while making video calling. So, usually on average the 10 minutes of audio calling over Facetime consumes around 6 MB data in total it consumes 15 MB (Data sent and received).

Important: while doing the audio calling, Facetime utilizes your Cellular Data, not Wi-Fi so be careful.

Can I Use Facetime on Verizon

No, you cannot make calls with Verizon; however with the recharge of Cellular Data Plan, you can make calls limitedly.

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How to Know How Much Data Is Used In Facetime in Total

There are a lot of posts has been published but yet, some people are messed with this calculation so, we have prepared the exact steps to find out how much data Facetime calls has done so far – Let’s get started.

Using this feature, you can able to find out – Incoming and Outgoing data sent and received can be observed here.


  • Open your Facetime application and click on single “I” tab (Can be seen on the left side of your mobile screen).
  • Here, you can see all the details (Incoming and Outgoing Data).

However, there has been no such applications developed which are similar to Facetime App but yet, there are an Android based application which has features as Facetime but no same – Here we go Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Google Hangouts and Line.


It’s all about Facetime and its Data usage details, if you are still not sure about any of the above-mentioned points, or you need more information about How Much Does Facetime Use Data then, you are so much welcome to raise question using our comment box. If this information is useful to you then why not share it this piece of information with all your friends and family members.

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