Best Snapchat Tricks and Secrets that you must know in 2017

New day man has found out various means to communicate with others. In this technological world talking through the social apps has become an essential tool to meet up the current trend. That can be several social apps available on the web to meet your thirst, but one with more features and specialty could survive and exist for long. Undoubtedly Facebook and Twitter are the two prominent social apps open which might have already in your downloaded app list. But the following application we are considering is no less than the earlier mentions. I assure you that you’re going to fall in love with the Snapchat after you go through this article.


What is Snapchat?

Snapchat, a social and a mobile multimedia application and image messaging application which lets you send and receive photos and videos or sets a conversation between two. Why the name ‘snapchat’? The app allows the user to ‘chat’ through texts and to share Medias like photos and videos called as ‘snap’ here.

How does Snapchat work?

The Snapchat application is easy to deal if you understand it or often leads to confusion. Your camera screen will be the app’s main screen. Take a picture using your camera phone, select recipients; decide the duration of message visibility and click send. It is simple as it seems.

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About founders and flashback of Snapchat

Snapchat is a collective creation of Bobby Murphy, Even Spiegel, and Reggie Brown. The original model for the Snapchat was laid down by Spiegel and Brown. Analyzing the “selfie Trends” of that time there struck the thought of creating a selfie application which allows people to share pictures that were short living and self-deleting.

Snapchat in the name of “Picaboo” was first launched in July 2011 as an iOS-only application. After two months it was again launched as “Snapchat.” The Mascot you see as the Snapchat logo was designed by Brown, “Ghost Face chillah” named after Ghostface Killah of the hip-hop group ‘Wu-Tang Clan.’

Stats on Users:

snapchat stats

  • It is estimated that there are over 400 million are closer to 500 million daily active users for Snapchat
  • There sent nearly 1-2 billion of snaps each day all around the globe
  • The core users of this app are around the age of 13 to 24 years as per the source.  You can clearly see that it has rooted its impact in the mind of teenagers.
  • 70 Out of 100 college students have a space for this in their smartphones.
  • The interesting fact is that 70% of users are women.
  • Snapchat is used by 1% advertisers to advertise their products and services. There is a lot of scope for new entrants and less competition.

Secret Snapchat Tricks of 2017

Now we shall dive into our main content of our topic. No one is entirely aware of all the features of any app. Here are some extra features of Snapchat which might enlighten you more about the app.

1. One time two filters

The filters available in Snapchat makes a user experience a new touch and feel. But it is interesting to know that we can use double filters for a single snap. But, how to use it? Here it is, the first filter should be applied to the image, and that particular image should be filtered with one finger while the other finger should be used to choose one of the data label filters.

2. Save your data

Snapchat is very addictive, which may result in more mobile data consumption. Fortunately, the Snapchat community has given a feature of ‘Travel mode.’ Travel mode will not allow the images to download automatically thus, reducing the usage of the mobile data. To save your data go to settings-> manage and check ‘Travel Mode’ option.

3. Best selfies

Snapchat provides you tons of lenses to improve your snaps taken on the front camera and to keep your fun at a steady pace. Just hold on the display while opening the front camera and various lenses will appear below. Select your desired one and generate a funny image. You can also make your snap more hilarious by making certain gestures facing the front camera.

4. Snail, Rabbit, and Reverse

Confused! Reading the title?  Don’t be. These are the additional filters meant for your short videos. Once you have shot a video, you can swipe the video across the filters to make it cool.

  • The video can be made to run as slow as a snail by using the snail filter.
  • The videos can be geared up using the rabbit filter.
  • The videos can be reversed using the reverse filter.

5. Reply to stories

Snapchat’s “Your story” features allow you to add your photos or videos to your profile. These pictures and videos can be viewed for 24 hours by your friends. Your friends can also leave a comment on a particular picture. You can do it by swiping up an image, then type the message and click enter.

6. Switching cameras

Switching between rare and front camera is quite a hassle sometimes. Knowing this Snapchat has included a shortcut to switch between the two cameras just by double tapping g on the screen. So your camera preference is a just double tap away.

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7. Live chat using video

Snapchat allows its users to video chat easily with a friend who is online. While video chatting with your friend, you can find a blue button glowing instead of yellow one suggesting you that the chat is available with your online friend. You along with your friend must press and hold the Blue button to begin a video chat. The video call ends when you release the blue button.

8. Friend emojis

The Snapchat social media includes ‘Friend emojis’ feature. But, what’s this friend emoji? This feature determines your mutual friend or your best friend by analyzing the frequency of snaps you have shared with your friend. Different images are meant for particular categories of friends appearing next to their names when they text you.

9. Playing with emojis and text


A cool feature of Snapchat social media allows you to manipulate your used emojis or text on the snap you took. Emojis add fun as we all know but resizing the emojis by pinching or dragging makes it funnier. Isn’t it? Text written in a snap can be inverted or resized like the emojis even. Also do check the latest snapchat trophies of 2017.

10. Two-step verification

As Snapchat is a private space, it is necessary to make sure of privacy on our account. Does Snapchat let you have greater safety by login verification facility either by SMS verification or verification through an authentication app?

11. Music to your videos

This is one among the unique features of Snapchat. It lets you add your preferred music to the video you capture. All you have to do is play the music of your interest and record the video. When you play back the video apparently the music will be the part of your video.

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