6+1 Best Browser for MAC – 2017 | Fastest Web browser’s

Nowadays the Internet is dominating the world. You can say about Social Media sites and other websites. You can’t access these without internet. Even Internet becomes a lifeblood of many Entrepreneurs. They are earning a big amount of money through Internet.


Web browsers for MAC or Window,  are the basic needs to access the Internet from different devices including computers and Smartphones. You can find many operating systems containing Linux, Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, etc. Most of the users prefer Windows or while they buy a computer. That is not important which operating system you are using, if you want to access any website from your PC, then you need a web browser and a steady internet connection. Today I will point out some web browsers which are compatible with you Macbook.

Fastest Internet Browser for MAC

Chrome Browser

Chrome is one of the excellent web browsers for Macbook. Though many users complain that they face severe battery backup after installing this browser on their Mac machine, still users like to have this browser because of its multiple extensions. Following are some features those can make Chrome a robust browser.


Features of Chrome

  1. Its user friendliness is the key to success
  2. Smooth rending and clutter-free behaviors make Chrome very popular
  3. It contains every essential element which you can find in the best web browser.
  4. It allows you to operate more than one tab and window at a time

Download Chrome

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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best choices for Mac. Here you can get many add-ons which can provide best browsing experience.


Features of Mozilla Firefox

  1. A wide range of Add-ons helps you to increase your productivity.
  2. Mozilla Firefox comes with the smooth rending feature, and it is one the reasons to get global users.
  3. You can get spell checker option which can improve your English
  4. You can get the facility to restore the previous session

Download Mozilla Firefox


Opera is also an excellent web browser for every platform especially for MAC if anyone using slow internet connection. The turbo mode of this browser is one of the best features, and it can increase the loading speed of a web page.


Features of Opera

  1. You can get easy navigation facility along with smooth browsing experience.
  2. You can see the preview of a web page while you keep your mouse on a tab
  3. Inbuilt email management facility can handle your emails.

Download Opera

Torch Web Browser

The torch is famous as the younger brother of Chrome, and its popularity is being increased due to its excellent design and amazing features.


Features of Torch Browser

  1. You can get all the extension which you have found in Chrome
  2. You can get Social Bar in this browser and get all social updates instantly.
  3. Torch provides you various themes

Download Torch


Mathon is another useful browser for Mac OS X. This browser allows you to install your favorite extensions of Chrome, but you don’t need to use Chrome.


Features of Maxthon

  1. You can get the facility for synchronization so that you can access your favorite anywhere.
  2. You can block ads with ad hunter extension, and you can experience a better web browsing environment.
  3. It supports multiple screens so that you can do seamless multitasking at a time.

Download Maxthon

Camino Browser

Camino is one of the best browsers for OS X. Its design and performance make help it to grab a good rank in the best browsers’ list.


Features of Camino

  1. You can use Camino in Mac only.
  2. It is an old browser for Mac Users. It was introduced in 2005
  3. Camino provides a user-friendly interface and smooth web browsing facility to the users.

Download Camino

Apple Safari

Apple Safari is another excellent web browser for Mac, and it is pre-installed on Macbook. Most of the Mac users prefer this browser.


Features of Apple Safari

  1. The lesser battery consumption feature makes it more popular among the Max users
  2. It is faster than any other leading web browser.
  3. Its security encryptions option and privacy policy provide you online security.
  4. You can smoothly browse any web page on any Apple device.

Download Apple Safari

Final Words

I have enlisted some web browsers for Mac in this article. Hope you find the article useful. Please share the article on different social Media platforms.

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